Boats - Geni Garden Apartments in Lefkada Island, Geni


The island of Lefkada with its numerous islets off the coast is considered among experts to be one of the most fascinating regions of Europe for sailing and boat cruises.

Our holiday resort with its private moorage at the waterside provides guests with the exclusive opportunity to explore the surrounding islets, as i.e. Skorpios, summer residence of the Onassis family. Many of our guests arrive by car with their boat on a trailer and enjoy our services regarding “all aspects of boating”.

Boats may be anchored at our moorage, directly at the waterside of our resort. All necessary tow ropes are at hand on site. Our location within the calm bay of Vlycho provides safe anchoring. Our moorage is well lit at night. The supply of freshwater is given on site at the pontoon. A petrol station within close range ensures convenient fuel supply.

Our private slipway nearby the pontoon is at your disposal. We will gladly provide assistance with our Jeep when launching your boat. There is an area within our premises allocated for the storage of boats and trailers of our guests.

In case of any technical difficulties, we or one of our service partners will be at your service. Our guests have the possibility to hire a boat with up to 30 hp from one of our partners, which does not require a license.